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Discover Scuba Diving

This is the first real contact with the fascinating underwater world, you only need some swimming skills, good mood and the wish to enjoy it…. We do the rest.
Includes basic theoretical and practical knowledge assisted by professionals. This dive takes place in the sea, starting at a security confidencial depth
This is a real dive!
For 8 years and older (subject to acceptance)
Special Price : 99 €
Just call (May to Octrober) +34 689 448 308 or Booking request

Diving for Children

Our summer hot tip! Great ! just try it !
Pure courage and people´s desire to experience something different has risen enormously in the recent years.
This is why we would like to offer you this unexpensive and save opportunity to view at first hand the unique underwater world with its fascinating and varied fish life.
DISCOVERY DIVES take place every day at our Diving Center, NOT in the pool (boring) and NOT from the boat (may be dangerous) but in optimal and safe conditions, just in front of our Diving Center where fish swim around you and watch stonish how good you’re doing it.
We start at 1 meter depth to gain confidence, overcome your fear and glide in this fascinating 3 dimensional world.
Everyone is impressed and comes out of the water with a big smile on his face… the first step towards becoming a real diver (OWD) is in sight…
Our Diving Center is a well known site for children to have their first diving experience.
This natural enclosed confined water cove (max.5 meter deep) is ideal for children from 8 years old (subject to acceptance) properly organised and supervised diving for children. We provide special children dive equipment, that makes diving saafer, more confortable and easyer, all this ensure that they enjoy themselves.
We take the responsability for your children very seriously!
DIVING for CHILDREN : includes all the diving equipment needed, theoretical and practical excercises, full Dive Center services and Instructor…. the next step is SCUBA DIVER or OWD


4 dives including complete diving equipment, professional dive leader, theory and practical excercises all lessons take place in the sea, from 10 years of age ( subject to acceptance).
This is the first stage to reach the OWD (Open Water Diver) course

Price: 399 €

OWD (Open Water Diver)

This is the most popular dive course!

STANDARD from 10 years, including complete equipment,
theory, practice, logbook, insurance and certification fee. ALL 6 dives take place IN THE SEA!
All diving certificates are internationally recognized.
PRICE: 599 €

AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver)

Advanced dive course to improve your diving skills

Includes professional advice and all practical excercises needed.
Prior this course you require at least 3 accomplished dive specialties.
Full Dive Center service.
Excludes the dives and equipment needed

Price: from 350 €


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Other courses

First Aid
Deep Diving
Cave Diving
Night Diving
Boat Diving
Scooter Diver
React Right
Equipment Course
Nitrox – EAN-40
Stress & Rescue

Includes + theory and practice, course duration 1-2 days
Price: starting 99 € (depending on the course)
Early booking advantage: Licencia de Buceo (Local Diving Licence)